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We meet in your home to go over your set up and routine. We discuss issues and where they occur – in home or at the park or on walks. Your dog will start to learn new behaviours in a quiet and familiar environment, before practising on walks or in the park if required.


We cover a combination of learning theory and practical dog training. I will help you to understand your dogs behaviour and body language and give you a plan of action with written exercises.


The initial consultation is 1-1.5 hours. We usually finish within this time, but if we need longer, I will happily stay until everyone is comfortable with the training plan.


Steps we take are:

  • Assess your dog and the environment

  • Discuss training options and alternate behaviours you would prefer, to ensure the tailored training program will be practical and feasible for you to implement

  • Demonstrate the exercises so you and your dog know how to do them and what to practice

  • Discuss the training plan and send you a written plan with exercises

What services do we offer?

Private Training Sessions

This includes walking calmly with you; coming back when called/poor recall; jumping up on people; toilet training; fear of people, other dogs or objects eg putting on a harness, nail clipping etc; skills such as sit, down/drop, come etc. 

Private Walk & Train

This is a training walk, with the emphasis on teaching and improving skills such as walking calmly on lead; skills such as name, sit, down/drop, recall, leave it etc. 

These sessions are also suitable for reactive dogs.

An initial consultation may be required to assess the dog and discuss skills required as well as how to share the dogs new skills with the dogs guardian/usual walker.

Puppy Training – Private sessions in your home

If you can’t attend puppy classes, this is an in-home alternative for puppies up to 20 weeks of age.  Over 3 sessions we cover toilet training; understanding your puppies body language; socialisation; skills such as sit, down/drop, come; biting; alone time; good manners; loose leash walking and recall.

Why use us?

Positive dog training methods only

We make sure that the training is fun and rewarding for your dog

Qualified dog trainer

I have the following formal qualifications and memberships:

  • Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science And Technology at the Companion Animal Sciences Institute

  • Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA) - full member

  • Cert IV in Training

  • Bachelor of Commerce


We are fully insured and covered for public liability, loss of keys and care custody and control (liability to animals).

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