Having grown up with animals, I know how stressful it is when you go away and leave your pet, or you don't have time to walk your dog.  Regular walks or having a friendly visitor at your home will reduce the stress many pets experience when their owners are busy or away.  Dog walking

I understand that all pets are unique and will tailor my services to meet your needs. I will take care of your pets as if they were my own, providing lots of love and attention.

I am reliable, honest and caring and build great relationships with pets as well as with their owners.


Dog walking

I can take your dog for a walk when you are away on holidays, do regular walks, or the occasional one.   If you work long hours and cannot get home to walk your dog as often as you would like, or you are just not as mobile as you used to be, I can assist with dog walking.

You can choose the length of the walk, depending on your dogs ability and needs. 


Visits to your home

Your pets will be fed as close to their normal routines as possible, and I provide play time, cuddles, walking and exercise. I will clean the litter tray or pick up after dogs.  I can feed your birds, lizards, rabbits etc and clean their cage.

Additional services are available such as watering plants, collecting mail, sweeping up leaves etc.

I can take your caged pets to my home for regular care instead of visiting your home.

Balmoral Pet Services



Meet and greet

Before taking on any pet - either walking or in home care - I provide a free initial consultation.  This means your pet is familiar with me before the first walk or visit.  We discuss your requirements, your pets preferences and routine and you can ask me questions.  I also like to discuss medical conditions, your family vet, favourite toys, walks, games and habits.  I need to confirm your pets vaccination are up to date. 

Peace of mind

I will send you regular text messages with photos of your pet playing, being cuddled or relaxing.  Regardless of the service provided, your pet will be loved and cared for, with cuddles and pats and fresh water.

You know who will be caring for your pet

I don't outsource services.  You and your pet meet me and you know who to expect on subsequent visits.



I am fully insured and covered for public liability, loss of keys and care custody and control (liability to animals). 




I offer personalised walks, with the length and speed of the walk adjusted to suit your dogs needs. 

Walks can be every day, a few times a week or occasional or they can be daily while you are away on holiday.

To minimise stress and travel time, walks are from your home to a park or walking track nearby. Dog walk


I will visit your home to feed, cuddle and play with your pets and clean litter trays and cages.  Water bowls will be cleaned and refilled.  Visits include playing ball, belly rubs, brushing, and having fun in their home environment.

Regular home visits are about 20 minutes.  For two or more pets I recommend 30 minutes.  Longer visits are available for your pets to have more company or for other in home services.

Home visits can be combined with a walk.


In addition to caring for your pet, I can also take care of things during your absence such as open & close curtains, turn lights on and off, water indoor and outdoor plants and bring in the mail.


I can also do other errands if required, such as pick up laundry or dry cleaning, take your pet to the vet, grocery shopping, and other errands you request.




I am the business owner, dog walker and do the home visits so you know exactly who will be caring for your pets.  I grew up with dogs, ponies, rabbits, tortoises, budgies, cockatiels, chickens and ducks and I enjoyed having all the animals around me.

My passion has always been to work with animals. I understand what it's like to be a pet owner and not have enough time to spend with your pet, or to worry about going away and leaving pets. I started this business so I can make a difference to owners and pets, putting owners minds at rest as they know their pets will be in safe, loving hands.

I live in Mosman and like to walk in the beautiful parks and along the water with a dog by my side.



My fees are flexible and allow for multiple pets and a variety of services.


Walks start at $20.  Call or e-mail me with your requirements and I am sure we can work out a price that suits you.




                                    Sue: Mosman, NSW, 2088

0438 487 639