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Balmoral Pet Services

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Dog walking

We provide a range of dog walking options, either on or off lead. Your dog can join us daily, once or twice a week or as required. The groups are small, usually 3 dogs, allowing for lots of individual attention. We go to dog parks and beaches or walk on the street, depending on your dogs needs.

Dog training

Understanding why dogs behave the way they do is essential to changing their behaviour. We teach the dog an alternate, more acceptable behaviour using positive training methods which are reward based and fun for your dog. This improves your dogs behaviour and your relationship with your dog. 

Training services include recall, loose lead walking, basic obedience (sit, down, stay), dealing with fear of objects, preventing jumping up etc

Dog with his head on persons shoulder
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Dog lying calmly on the grass

We are an experienced and friendly local dog walking and dog training business based in Mosman.

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